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Our striking-off services are designed to simplify the process of dissolving a local company. Our expert team provides a hassle-free experience, preparing and filing all necessary documents, handling communication with government agencies, and ensuring a smooth and efficient process. Let us help you with a positive and stress-free company strike-off experience.

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  • What are the requirements in striking off a company?

    The company must have stopped business activities or not have commenced activities from the date of incorporation

    • No current or contingent assets or liabilities
    • No outstanding tax liabilities with the Inland Revenue Authorities
    • All outstanding Income Tax Returns have been submitted
    • Accounts and tax computations have been submitted up to the date of cessation of business
      • No outstanding tax matters before closure of bank account
      • GST registration has been cancelled and there are no outstanding GST matters.
      • No debts owed to any Government authorities
      • No ongoing involvement in any court proceedings
    • No outstanding charges in the company’s charge register
    • Written consent from the majority of the shareholders must be obtained
    • Finalised accounts drawn up till the date of cessation must be attached
    • What if the company was dormant since incorporation?
    • Company must submit a letter stating that:
    • No business transactions took place since the date of incorporation
    • No bank account was opened, or any opened bank account is now closed
    • Who can submit the application?
    • Company director
    • Company Secretary
    • Corporate Service Provider
    • How can the Company apply to strike off?
    • The application can be filed online through the ACRA BizFile website.
  • How long does the application take to process?

  • What if ACRA receives an objection to the striking off application?

  • What if the matter is not resolved within 2 months?

  • Can a company withdraw the striking off application?