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Ensure that your company is completely compliant and that your data is secure with guidance from our team of Data Protection Officers. With our personalized DPO service, you can rely on us to assist you to manage data protection compliance, developing good policies, and securing your data.

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  1. Data Protection Officer

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    RMS assists entrepreneurs and business owners in incorporating their companies through our online platform and also provides company secretary services to ensure compliance with Singapore regulations.

What Do You Need To Know?

  • Role and responsibilities of a DPO

    A DPO plays a big part in your company. More than just ensuring that the PDPA guidelines are met with, a DPO is also responsible for turning data protection into a competitive advantage for your company, which would lead to building trust in the wider data ecosystem.

    When choosing a DPO for your company, it can be an existing employee in your company or a third-party. Even though it is not mandatory under PDPC’s law to have the DPO’s details, companies are strongly encouraged to inform them of the details.

    When choosing a DPO, companies should assess their needs before appointing a person suitable for the role. Their responsibilities may include:

    • Ensure compliance of PDPA when implementing policies for handling personal data
    • Promote a data protection culture between employees and share personal data protection policies with stakeholders
    • Handle personal data protection queries and complaints
    • Let the management know if any risks arise with regards to personal data
    • Communicate with PDPC on data protection matters
  • Does your DPO need to have a minimum age requirement?

  • Is there a deadline to register your DPO?

  • How to help your DPO achieve the best results?