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At RMS, we provide comprehensive GST services to assist businesses in Singapore with IRAS compliance. Our team of experts can help with GST registration, filing for tax returns, input tax credit claims, GST compliance reviews, advisory services, and more. Take the pressure off yourself, and let our experts handle these time-consuming tasks effectively instead.

Why Choose RMS For Your GST Solutions

Guaranteed Delivery

We don't miss deadlines, so you won't either.

Expert Advice

Count on us to answer all your compliance concerns.

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Full range of services to support your business.

GST Packages

GST Compliance You Need For Your Business

  1. GST Registration

    SGD 500.00

    What you'll get:

    • Detailed information and guidance on the requirements related to GST registration
    • Formalities needed for the GST registration
    • We will liaise with the IRAS officers if required and provide guidance until approval of GST registration
  2. GST Filing

    For companies who engaged RMS quarterly bookkeeping service.
    For companies who engaged RMS quarterly bookkeeping service. SGD 150.00

    What you'll get:

    • GST Filing with IRAS
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  3. GST De-Registration

    SGD 300.00

    What you'll get:

    • De-Registration/Cancellation of GST

    You can cancel GST registration voluntarily or under certain conditions.
    Let us assist you with the details.

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  • Can I claim GST for my purchases incurred before I am GST-registered?

    No, you cannot and must not claim any GST for purchases before the date of official registration for GST.

  • What are disallowed input tax claims?

  • What is my GST number?

  • Do I need to charge GST on my invoices?

  • I have received the GST approval from IRAS. How do I confirm if my company is already GST-registered or check the official GST registration date?

  • Who is required and when is it required to register for GST?

  • How long does it take to register for GST?