Corppass Services

Save your time and simplify your business interactions with government agencies with our Corppass services. Our team of experts can assist your business to access and manage government-related transactions, from filing taxes to managing employee benefits, enabling you to manage your business needs more effectively.

Why Choose RMS For Corppass Services

Guaranteed Delivery

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Expert Advice

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One-stop Support

Full range of services to support your business.

Corppass Packages

We can assist you with applying for your Corppass to gain easy access to manage your digital transactions whenever you need to.

  1. Corppass Application (One-time)

    SGD 300.00

    What you'll get:

    • Assist to register Corppass
    • Add role as users or sub admin
    • Assign e-services

Need Customised Solutions?

What Is Your Corppass Role

Registered Officer

(Able to choose to be Corppass admin)

  • Person(s) registered with the entity's UEN
  • Examples: Sole proprietor, partner, director, corporate secretary

Corppass Admin

(Max. 2 admin accounts per entity)

  • Corppass registration for entity
  • Manages entity's Corppass

Corppass User

(No limit to the number of Corppass users per entity)

  • Initiating Corppass registration
  • Managing the entity's Corppass user accounts
  • Digital services access