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Leave the time-consuming task of paying employees and calculating salaries and deductions to us. RMS ensures regulatory compliance and provides detailed reports on payroll expenses. Engage our cost-effective and efficient payroll services so you can focus on your growing business.


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Payroll Packages

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  1. Standard Payroll

    (Up to 6 head count)
    (Up to 6 head count) SGD 300.00

    What you'll get:

    • Computation of monthly salary and commission.
    • Provision of pay advice
    • CPF e-submission
    • Processing of increment & bonus
    • Prepration of annual IR8A

What You Need To Know about Payroll in Singapore

  • Salary includes basic pay and allowances (payment for work done under a contract of service), and excludes travel, food or housing allowances.
  • Salary must be paid at least once a month, and within 7 days after the end of the salary period.
  • Employers must give employees itemised payslips on the date of salary payment or within 3 days from the date of salary payment.
  • Employers must keep details of employees’ salary records, while former employees’ records’ should be kept for one year after their exit.
  • Salary for employees’ incomplete work months must be pro-rated
  • Employees can only work for a maximum of 72 overtime monthly hours, and payments made within 14 days after the last day of the salary period.
  • Employees must comply with mandatory levies, contributions, and statutory requirements including Central Provident Fund (CPF), Skills Development Levy, Ethnic funds, and levies for foreigners with work permits.

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